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Kennel Kekkapään

Here in the fresh country air grow up Pakankylä's Chihuahuas. Their fur grows healthy in the gentle winds and their cordination is improved by running around in the rocky forests.

The kennel prefix - Kekkapää is named after the peaceful yet active House Kekkapää, located in the rural countryside of North Espoo, Finland. The house contains our home, and our architects' office. Kekkapää's dogs receive daily company from people at the office and other visitors. However, it is always possible for them to retreat back to their relaxing home. The small dogs go to the outdoors freely in safely fenced yeard, as well as the woods.

My life with dogs began in 1984 with golden retriever named Valthornin Fantastic Flair "Fanta". My next sweetheart; Karvin Palma Bianca, was bred in my aunt's Karvin kennel. I still remember those wonderful childhood summers visiting my cousins in Suinula, where the Karvin kennel is located. I took care of the dogs and went around dogshows with Helena and Heidi Karves. My love for animals has grown over the years, and my whole family is now taking care of dogs, as well as horses.

I also want to thank you Jenita Harjula, Leeni Ahola, Virpi Kauppinen and Tuula Lehtinen-Cochetti & Francesco Cochetti for advicing me and giving me this opportunity to start my own breedingwork with chihuahuas.

Kekkapää currently consists of pack of seven Chihuahuas. In addition to my dogs there are three other members of the family; my daughter Aura, son Aaro and husband Pentti Raiski.

Kennel Kekkapään puppies

Next litter planned to 2021.

Kennel Kekkapään
Snettasintie 15
02740 Espoo

tel: +358 44 0346 000


We have bred 13 Champions & 2 International Champios
The Finnish Kennel Clubs "Vuolasvirta"-breeder award to kennel Upwards - from breeding long coated chihuahua's

Kekkapään Varma Sointu - Long coated Chihuahua of the Year #1

Kekkapään Varma Sointu - Long coated chihuahua puppy of the Year
Kekkapään Otto Voitto - Long coated chihuahua male puppy of the Year
Lookum Wizard Of Oz - Long coated chihuahua of the Year #6
Kekkapään - Long coated breeder of the Year #4

Kekkapään Onerva Nykänen - Long coated chihuahua of the Year # 10
Kekkapään Myrskytuulen Tuoma - Long coated chihuahua puppy of the Year # 6
Kekkapään - Long coated breeder puppy of the Year # 3

Kekkapään - Long coated breeder puppy of the Year # 4

Kekkapään Loistava Leena - Long coated chihuahua bitch of the Year #1
Kekkapään Sinä Olet Tähti - Long coated chihuahua puppy of the Year # 3