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Katariina Rautiala
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Puppy from us?
If you are interested in our future puppies, I would like you to tell us more about yourselves and what kind of puppy you are searching of. I would also love to hear about your family and previous experiences with dogs and / or chihuahuas.

Parents are always health tested of eyes, heart and patella.
Puppy to co-working family from us?
We strive to place the most promising puppy of each litter in a cooperative family. These homes are more than precious to us, they take care of our future promises.

Collaborative homes are essential because we cannot leave all promising puppies at home. Therefore, we hope that the homes will be cooperative as well as interested in activities such as shows and interest in other dog hobbies.

However a co-working dog is not a free dog - homes are carefully selected and to be choosen to be one of them is a sign of trust.
Ask us more!
Puppies are given to their families at the earliest at 9 weeks of age, registered in Finland Kennel Club, dewormed several times and with vet certificate. Puppy will have with it, the puppy kit and care instructions.

The puppies grow up in peace for us until they are 4 weeks old before the guests can see them. At this point, the puppies can already be told a bit about how the character and appearance develop. I want each puppy to find their own best home where realistic expectations and wishes meet for each puppy.

The breeder always hopes that the dogs will become promising and great in every way, but I can't promise the show star even if the parents are like that. Some of the puppies will usually look for ordinary pet homes, and some can be expected to be show companion. I cannot guarantee chihuahuas to be suitable for breeding either. The dog is always a living being whose evolution is difficult to predict. Parents, of course, give a little clue, but genes are ultimately beyond of my control.
Personally, in my breeding work I always consider the character of dogs, their health and breed qualities, as well as the fact that chihuahuas naturally breed and give birth. I will be happy to tell you more about the parents, pedigree and what I expect from the combination.
I always make a litter with the aim of getting a successor for breeding work for myself as well.

Our puppies grow up getting used to active lifestyle full of activities at the countryside, in our home office they get used to strange sounds and people from an early age.

I do not take reservations for puppies until we have met / the puppies were born and the possible future owner has seen the puppy. However, I'll put them "behind the ear" that have been associated in the past and with whom I have gone through things with regard to litter.